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Published Works by Dr. Akmal Hussain

Dr. Akmal Hussain has authored/co- authored four books and contributed chapters to several others. He has also presented reports to various national and international organizations.

Books authored, co-authored and co-edited by Dr. Akmal Hussain:

  • Akmal Hussain, Institutional Instability and Underdevelopment
  • Strategic Issues In Pakistan's Economic Policy (authored)
  • Poverty Alleviation In Pakistan (authored)
  • Pakistan National Human Development Report, UNDP, 2003
    Poverty, Growth and Governance
  • Power Dynamics, Institutional Instability and Economics Growth. The Case of Pakistan, The Asia Foundation, 2008 (authored)
  • Pakistan - Problems of Governance (co-authored)
  • The Challenge in South Asia (co-edited)
  • Participatory Development: Learning from South Asia (co-authored)
  • Economic Democracy Through Pro Poor Growth (co-authored)
  • Islam, Politics and the State: The Pakistan Experience
  • Sociology of "Development Socities" South Asia
  • Mirrors of Violence: Communities, Riots and Survivors in South Asia
  • Internal Conflicts in South Asia
  • Cooperative Policies for Preventing and Controlling the Spread of Missiles and Nuclear Weapons
  • Problems of Goveranance in South Asia
  • Terrorism in South Asia: Impact on Development and Democratic Process
  • Pro-Poor Growth and Goveranance in South Asia: Decentralization and Participatory Development
  • Towards Pro-Poor Growth Policies in Pakistan
  • South Asia Economic Journal
  • The Encyclopedia of Pakistan
  • Monthly Seminar, (545 Annual January 2005) New Delhi
  • Prospects of Peace, Stability and Prosperity in South Asia
  • The Pakistan Development Review (PDR)
  • South Asia: Non-Traditional and Human Security
  • Indian Journal of Politics and International Relations (IJPAIR)
  • Pakistan: The Struggle Within
  • Promoting Economic Cooperation in South Asia: Beyond SAFTA
  • Does South Asia Exist?: Prospects of Regional Integration
  • Oxford Companion to Pakistani History
  • Moving the Economy Forward
  • Capturing the Demographic Dividend


Chapters contributed by Dr. Akmal Hussain:

  • Akmal Hussain, Pakistan : The Crisis of the State
  • Akmal Hussain, Pakistan: Land Reforms Reconsidered
  • Akmal Hussain, Karachi Riots of December 1986: Crisis of State and Civil Society in Pakistan
  • Akmal Hussain, The Dynamics of Power: Military, Bureaucracy and the People
  • Akmal Hussain, Impact of Security on Trade and Development: Inter-Relations between India and Pakistan
  • Akmal Hussain, Poverty, Growth and Governance in South Asia
  • Akmal Hussain, Terrorism, Development and Democracy : The Case Of Pakistan
  • Akmal Hussain, Lessons for Macro-Micro Policy
  • Akmal Hussain, A Policy for Pro Poor Growth
  • Akmal Hussain, Institutions, Economic Structure and Poverty in Pakistan
  • Akmal Hussain, Imperialism
  • Akmal Hussain, Economic Policy, Growth And Poverty In Historical Perspective: The Encyclopedia of Pakistan
  • Akmal Hussain, India Pakistan Peace and Regional Economic Cooperation.
  • Akmal Hussain, Peace, Poverty and Economic Growth in South Asia: A Policy Framework
  • Akmal Hussain, Participatory Development Praxis: A Case Study from Pakistan’s Punjab.
  • Akmal Hussain, Human Security, Economic Development and the Peace Process in South Asia
  • Akmal Hussain, A Vision for South Asia
  • Akmal Hussain, Pakistan’s Economy in Historical Perspective: Growth, Power and Poverty
  • Akmal Hussain,  A Perspective on Peace and Economic Cooperation in South Asia
  • Akmal Hussain, The Challenges and Drivers of Regionalism in South Asia: The India Pakistan Peace Process
  • Akmal Hussain, A Perspective on Pakistan's Economic History
  • Akmal Hussain, Agrarian Structure
  • Akmal Hussain, Green Revolution
  • Akmal Hussain, Land Reforms
  • Akmal Hussain, Institutions, Economic Growth, and Participatory Development
  • Akmal Hussain, Meeting the Challenge of Demographic Change through Equitable Development
  • Akmal Hussain, Introduction: Contemporary Challenges and Civilizational Wellsprings
  • Akmal Hussain, Strengthening Democracy through Inclusive Growth
  • Akmal Hussain, A Perspective on Pakistan-India Relations: Power Dynamics, Democracy and Development
  • Akmal Hussain, SAARC After 30 Years: Society, Culture and Development, IIC Quarterly Journal, 2015.
  • Akmal Hussain, The Sacredness of Creation: Spiritual Responsibility of Muslims and Christians to care for Our Common Home – Planet Earth
  • Akmal Hussain, Fulfilling the Pakistan Vision of Quaid-i-Azam
  • Akmal Hussain, Sustainable Development, Equity and Violence
  • Akmal Hussain, Capitalism, Consciousness and Development
  • Akmal Hussain, Priority Policy Initiatives for Development
  • Akmal Hussain, Pakistan: Charting a New Course to Development

Above books are available here

Reports presented by Dr. Akmal Hussain as follows:

  • Overcoming Poverty
    The Report of the Task Force on Poverty Eradication
    May 30th, 1997
  • PRSP
    Punjab Rural Support Programme - The first four months
    Report for the Board of Directors
    December, 1998
  • SAARC: Moving Towards Core Areas of Cooperation, Report of the Independent Group on South Asian Cooperation (IGSAC-II), September 1993.
  • Report of the Working Group on Poverty Alleviation, Ninth Five Year Plan, 1998-2003, Planning Commission
    March, 1998
  • Akmal Hussain, Employment Generation, Poverty Alleviation and Growth in Pakistan’s Rural Sector: Policies for Institutional Change, Report prepared for the International Labour Organization, Country Employment Policy Review (CEPR): Pakistan
    March, 1999
  • Report of the Prime Minister’s Task Force on Poverty Alleviation and Employment Generation, 2004
  • Report of the Working Group on Institutional Framework for Development, Panel of Economists
    21 June, 2009
  • Report of the Working Group on Poverty Reduction Strategy and Human Resource Development for the Tenth Five Year Plan (2010-15), Planning Commission, Islamabad
    5 January, 2010
  • Inclusive and Sustainable Development: Analytical Basis and Policy Framework
    UNDP Pakistan Report
    Co-Authors: Khawar Mumtaz, Khalid Mohtadullah, Bashir Ahmed Khan, Imtiaz Ali Qazilbash
    Publisher: UNDP Pakistan Year: 2018

Above reports can be viewed here

All these writings by Dr. Akmal Hussain are available in Portable Document Format (pdf). To view above documents you need Adobe® Reader®

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